Xaguar Soluciones - A Data First Company
Until recent times, IT has been focused on applications. A way of making the computer do automated tasks for you.
Recent advances in distributed computing have made possible the emergence of AI and a very interesting paradigm shift: the computer no longer needs to be told exactly what to do. We can now ask it to explore raw data and find interesting patterns by itself.
But for that it needs YOUR data. It is no different than hiring a human expert, she can know the generalities of businesses like yours, but in order to give you good, specific advice it needs access to your data.
To take advantage of this new paradigm, applications get in the way, by virtue of being information silos that are simply reflections of the way we humans do things. To reap the benefits of superior and relentless abilities of modern day AI we need to give the computer first hand access to raw data. Data must come first.
For a practical implementation of a data first approach visit our data platform: https://xintelix.com